Monthly Archives: December 2013

what i’m working on

wall of yarn so farwall of yearn 004

This week i’m making a yarn wall so that i can organize my yarn and see what i have easily with ought having to root through my box all the time.


Quitting work

Ahh the satisfaction of ending a job and going on to bigger and brighter things or to open new doors or to just take time off. I feel like my life did not stop from the second that i got out of school last April to about 2 days ago when i quit my job due to just being plain and simple burned out. If i had continued i know that i would have gone on to stress my self out so much that i could not keep a though in my head so here i am. I will keep this blog to try to organize my thoughts and get some self confidence about my ability┬áin life. If that is showcasing what i have done or many other things i don’t know but this is all i really need to do right now and thank my lucky stars my partner is supportive of this.brain jar