The Tale of John Swift

The swift So a little while ago i had reached the maximum density of  skeins in my house. And so i invented the yarn wall after many people i love griping about my yarn stash being pretty close to everywhere.  So i went out and got a ball winder and the only other thing i was missing to make the yarn into nice and easy to use disk like things was a swift. Now im not a rich person by any means possible. I’m still out of a job (although i have a pretty demanding volunteering scheduled) at the moment so i was very upset when yarn swifts were like 100$ at best so i though ok well i belong to a maker space and there has got to be a better way i looked at people making swifts with umbrellas and other hings but they all just were not that great. Until i found the perfect one and so i went to building it.  I found the pattern for one on Thingiverse  ill put a link down below. It went well and works like a dream. Obviously i had to make a few small upgrades but overall it turned out great.The swift 2


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