A trip to Asia

One of the places I volunteer at is next to an Asian grocery store . Usually this would mean nothing to me but…on this past weekend it all came together to make one of the funnest trips to the supermarket I have ever had.

So I being in my winter funk. I was wanting to get out and try new things and one of those things was just going for it (this will come up later) and I also have a great passion for soup (to make it to eat it you know the like).

So on a bright sunny morning we head off to this supermarket. It was crazy to park because the market is in a bad spot and has very little parking. So everyone is honking and trying to get through this little ally that is both one way and has almost room for 2 cars to go through. It was chaotic, everyone honking, everyone both trying to pull in and pull out at the same time. People walking in every direction with no regard for the cars.

Finally we get inside and no wonder it’s so busy its the size of a basketball court and there are about 400 people in here.

It’s the only grocery store I have ever been in were they have live fish in fish tanks while also just have dead fish laying out open to the air on ice. It felt like china town but smaller. And yet they had every single vegetable wrapped super tight in saran wrap as if it was going to catch a cold if it was exposed to the open air.

There were still a few things that I would want to try like winter Mellon and cassava but we got mostly stuff that we knew for vegetables like enoki mushrooms bok choy. But we did go out of our comfort zone and get a few things that were totally new to us like mochi and moon cakes.

I loved it and now we have to make another day of it by making a small wonderful trip. ……I’m thinking of taking a big trip in the fall…….. it’s a surprise.


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