Old roads new

I attended a great workshop in the past two weeks, put on by the forward into the past society. The society preserves elder cultures in the way of story telling, teaching crafts , song and dance and many more it is sponsored by the medieval studies program at  Wilfrid Laurier University and the archaeology society.

It was terrific and I have never been in such close quarters with so many real nerds like me. Now you may be thinking but i’m a nerd or so such thoughts.

But  what I may know as a nerd is different then what  you may know and we both could be right.

Here is my criteria 

1. Genuine: smiling, laughing, enthusiasm and everyone looks super excited about what is going on.

2. No pictures. One thing that I have noticed about people that really  love what there involved in is doing it. They are so concerned with talking to people doing the actives and just generally being present that there usually are no pictures taken no tweets nothing in the moment  you really only see the aftermath

3.  Either one person in every group or conversation or more than one  person is pedantic.  No word is said without a comment ,a small analogy or a correction. It is the sign of true nerds when they cant stop talking or appreciating what they love.


At this workshop there were many different classes like Antler carving, Norse rubbings, Card weaving, chain mail making and many more.

It was the most amazing workshop I have ever been to and I will for sure  go next year. I did glass bead making which was surprisingly simple and card weaving. Both of which are amazing.  I’m going to try to make more glass beads just by getting the supply and making more. and i think i’m going to laser cut some out of acrylic. I was not able to get mine done but I”ll put a pic up later. Here is what card weaving looks like.Polak_O

Here is the website for the FITP site http://www.fitp.ca/index.php

and here is where the picture of card weaveing came from http://www.complex-weavers.org/seminars-2014-2/seminar-leaders/gudrun-polak/


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