A long Time coming

So as you may well know I have not written anything in a few months. I got a job can you tell? I have been working at a nursery in my area and it has been tough. The nursery is a nice place to work but there is been a busy spring and i have been working a lot of hours.


But as time passes I have been able to more hours off, and now i am able to do a bit more of what I enjoy.  I’m not spinning as much as in the winter i’m knitting a bit more and just trying to create thing that i have not had the time to do lately. One of the things that i’m most proud of just of late even thought its kinda just silly and small are my IOUs. For the longest time i have been struggling with a way to give some one a knit gift before it is done. I’m sure most knitters feel this way as well were they try to complete something but its just not done in time for the persons birthday or Christmas as so Ta-Da IOU’s.

I can’t write much more but in a final closing i have some big news in my life lately and no in not pregnant. For the love of god when people say they have big news never shout out are you pregnant!

Till next time


2 thoughts on “A long Time coming

  1. Dude, I feel your pain. I wrote a blog post about not asking women if they’re pregnant just a week ago!


    Also, I know exactly what you mean as far as something having to give. Either you blog more and knit less or knit more and blog less. I’ve been doing a lot of blogging and NO knitting in the last three or four months. Suddenly, I got a bee in my bonnet and started knitting again the day before yesterday. Hope it sticks, lol.

    LOVE the IOU idea! How did you make it?

    1. Hi sorry for the long reply, I seem to be making a trend here! I have access to a lazer cutter and i know that it is to close to Christmas now but if you wanted a few we could talk about that. I certainly knit more than blog I make something every weekend, its just taking the photos and uploading them that takes the time.

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