My world lately

So I have been in kinda a slump lately because I just feel like I don’t know what to do with my self. I have changed computers recently and it is a lot harder for me to upload pictures into the internet with this new set up. It kinda sucks but I will keep making things and keep on the process of uploading you know every 4 to 5 months or so.


A long Time coming

So as you may well know I have not written anything in a few months. I got a job can you tell? I have been working at a nursery in my area and it has been tough. The nursery is a nice place to work but there is been a busy spring and i have been working a lot of hours.


But as time passes I have been able to more hours off, and now i am able to do a bit more of what I enjoy.  I’m not spinning as much as in the winter i’m knitting a bit more and just trying to create thing that i have not had the time to do lately. One of the things that i’m most proud of just of late even thought its kinda just silly and small are my IOUs. For the longest time i have been struggling with a way to give some one a knit gift before it is done. I’m sure most knitters feel this way as well were they try to complete something but its just not done in time for the persons birthday or Christmas as so Ta-Da IOU’s.

I can’t write much more but in a final closing i have some big news in my life lately and no in not pregnant. For the love of god when people say they have big news never shout out are you pregnant!

Till next time

Old roads new

I attended a great workshop in the past two weeks, put on by the forward into the past society. The society preserves elder cultures in the way of story telling, teaching crafts , song and dance and many more it is sponsored by the medieval studies program at  Wilfrid Laurier University and the archaeology society.

It was terrific and I have never been in such close quarters with so many real nerds like me. Now you may be thinking but i’m a nerd or so such thoughts.

But  what I may know as a nerd is different then what  you may know and we both could be right.

Here is my criteria 

1. Genuine: smiling, laughing, enthusiasm and everyone looks super excited about what is going on.

2. No pictures. One thing that I have noticed about people that really  love what there involved in is doing it. They are so concerned with talking to people doing the actives and just generally being present that there usually are no pictures taken no tweets nothing in the moment  you really only see the aftermath

3.  Either one person in every group or conversation or more than one  person is pedantic.  No word is said without a comment ,a small analogy or a correction. It is the sign of true nerds when they cant stop talking or appreciating what they love.


At this workshop there were many different classes like Antler carving, Norse rubbings, Card weaving, chain mail making and many more.

It was the most amazing workshop I have ever been to and I will for sure  go next year. I did glass bead making which was surprisingly simple and card weaving. Both of which are amazing.  I’m going to try to make more glass beads just by getting the supply and making more. and i think i’m going to laser cut some out of acrylic. I was not able to get mine done but I”ll put a pic up later. Here is what card weaving looks like.Polak_O

Here is the website for the FITP site

and here is where the picture of card weaveing came from

A trip to Asia

One of the places I volunteer at is next to an Asian grocery store . Usually this would mean nothing to me but…on this past weekend it all came together to make one of the funnest trips to the supermarket I have ever had.

So I being in my winter funk. I was wanting to get out and try new things and one of those things was just going for it (this will come up later) and I also have a great passion for soup (to make it to eat it you know the like).

So on a bright sunny morning we head off to this supermarket. It was crazy to park because the market is in a bad spot and has very little parking. So everyone is honking and trying to get through this little ally that is both one way and has almost room for 2 cars to go through. It was chaotic, everyone honking, everyone both trying to pull in and pull out at the same time. People walking in every direction with no regard for the cars.

Finally we get inside and no wonder it’s so busy its the size of a basketball court and there are about 400 people in here.

It’s the only grocery store I have ever been in were they have live fish in fish tanks while also just have dead fish laying out open to the air on ice. It felt like china town but smaller. And yet they had every single vegetable wrapped super tight in saran wrap as if it was going to catch a cold if it was exposed to the open air.

There were still a few things that I would want to try like winter Mellon and cassava but we got mostly stuff that we knew for vegetables like enoki mushrooms bok choy. But we did go out of our comfort zone and get a few things that were totally new to us like mochi and moon cakes.

I loved it and now we have to make another day of it by making a small wonderful trip. ……I’m thinking of taking a big trip in the fall…….. it’s a surprise.

The nature of knitting

As many of you either know or don’t know i love to knit. But its not just knit i also love to spin it is the breath in my lungs, it is the colour that i see it is one of the most important things to me in my whole life.  I am not an artist, I can’t draw i can’t paint or sculpt worth a damn, but when i am knitting i feel like i can express myself. Through textiles i feel like i can make what i want, express my inner feelings and that’s why i want to start designing. I’m not the best knitter on the planet but i think that i can hold my own.  I want to make a collection about some of the things that i love: bugs, knitting and the environment and so i shall be in the process of starting my “Invasive Designs”   for knitting and i hope that i can at lease get all of the sketches done up by the end of the year.

Wish me luck it may be tough.


And good luck to all on there processes, i know that

Snow Rhythm and Blues

Although i thought that  the Seasonal affective disorder was just kinda made up but now i seriously understand that it is real and can happen. so to combat this we have my ……

25 things  to get out of your seasonal funk!

  1. Have a hot shower. it will wake you up and make you feel refreshed. for an even better time turn the water temperature  down a bit just before you get out, you feel so much better.
  2. Get tickling. Either tickle  someone you know or don’t know but always be open to them tickling  you.
  3. Get some bubbles, they are cheep fun mood lifters
  4. Get to cleaning. Cleaning and just organizing can both de-clutter and help lift your spirits.
  5.  Watch a really funny or Disney movie
  6. Make something if its gluing glitter to the cat or building your own super collider just try to make one thing. Pintrest is great for that
  7. Make a cup of warm liquid; hot coco, tea whatever you want
  8. Read a book
  9. Write a letter to a friend or family, snail mail obviously
  10. Teach someone how to do something like knitting or how to make the printer work
  11. learn something like how the printer works
  12. Take a walk, No matter how cold you will feel so much better after
  13. Plan a special day for yourself or for someone else
  14. Go to the library
  15. Make a pillow fort and eat something/read a book inside
  16. Dance! Whether its at a club or at home to your favorite song just do it.
  17. You know that show you have been wondering about…..go start watching it  and get super deep into it.
  18. Finish a project that you have been putting off. The feeling you get when you are done is great.
  19. Play a game! either with a group of people or but yourself video games are fine but nothing gets you focused like trying to play a one person game of Agricola
  20. Dogs, cats, birds and squirrels, get out and play.  Pet the worlds animals obviously some are friendlier then other but i trust your judgment what NOT to touch.
  21. Go to a petting zoo, a museum, an aquarium any place that you can see all the wonders of nature, science and beauty combined.
  22. Start a happiness jar. Get a jar, let everyone you know (and yourself) write something they either like doing, something they think is funny or a memory shared between you and the person. when you are feeling down the open the jar an pull a few out.
  23. Complement someone, whether it is a coworker or it is just someone on the street just say  that they are awesome. Careful with looks complements they can sometimes go the wrong way…..
  24. Sleep. Nothing helps recharge the battery like sleeping.
  25. And the most important of all spend time with the ones you love if its your partner in life or just your partner in crime get out there and see the world together.  Also don’t be afraid to tell your friends you love them.

Well that’s all for me , i had a really hard time thinking of ones that could go for everybody and not just me.

The Tale of John Swift

The swift So a little while ago i had reached the maximum density of  skeins in my house. And so i invented the yarn wall after many people i love griping about my yarn stash being pretty close to everywhere.  So i went out and got a ball winder and the only other thing i was missing to make the yarn into nice and easy to use disk like things was a swift. Now im not a rich person by any means possible. I’m still out of a job (although i have a pretty demanding volunteering scheduled) at the moment so i was very upset when yarn swifts were like 100$ at best so i though ok well i belong to a maker space and there has got to be a better way i looked at people making swifts with umbrellas and other hings but they all just were not that great. Until i found the perfect one and so i went to building it.  I found the pattern for one on Thingiverse  ill put a link down below. It went well and works like a dream. Obviously i had to make a few small upgrades but overall it turned out great.The swift 2